Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing gum over the last decade has become a nuisance on every walkway and car park in the UK and more complaints are being received from the general public regarding this problem. Fortunately this problem can be dealt with by a thorough cleaning programme. Using steam pressure washers Magic Cote Cleaning UK Ltd can safely remove chewing gum from all types of surfaces. We can restore paving, concrete, shopping malls, driveways, factory floors, car parks and quaysides back to their original beauty. We can even help to gum out of your carpet. Please note we are a commercial cleaning company, and don't offer house cleaning services or residential cleaning services.

Chewing Gum Removal at Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey needed to remove chewing gum from 1,100 year old stone slabs without damaging them. We used a dry ice cleaning machine that blasted the chewing gum by freezing it in a very controlled way. The process produces no wasteful or damaging by-products. The gum was removed successfully without damage to the stone work.


We use MagicFreeze to remove chewing gum and other stubborn fixtures.

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