Window Cleaning


Traditional Window Cleaning

We have a team of window cleaners who use traditional techniques and equipment, such as the professional window squeegee, to produce a streak free finish. With lifting equipment similar to a cherry picker, we can clean windows in this way to a great height, which is very important for multi storey office buildings.

De-Ionized Water Window Cleaning

Using purified or de-ionized water, there is no need for detergent, and so there's no need to get up close to the window. Our window cleaners use a long pole with a brush on the end to reach up to 6 stories. The de-ionized water attacks dirt and grease on contact, and not only leaves a beautiful, streak free finish, but keeps windows cleaner for longer. The glass is not covered with ionized particles, which naturally attract dust particles in the air. The window does not get as dusty or dirty, and so the cleaning process can be done less frequently, costing you less.

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