Graffiti Removal

Graffiti must be removed as soon as possible and the defaced article protected against it happening again. Magic Cote Cleaning UK Ltd provides a complete range of efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly techniques designed to remove graffiti and protect surfaces using anti graffiti coatings to make removal easier from future attack.

In general, Magic Cote Cleaning UK Ltd can effectively remove graffiti from almost any type of surface.

Graffiti, unfortunately, is on the rise, and can be seen everywhere you look in the United Kingdom. It is a problem for many businesses and its surrounding community and one which makes people believe nobody cares. It can be seen on bus shelters, phone boxes, park benches, street signs to name a few. It is unsightly and offensive and makes the area an unpleasant place to be. Magiccote is proud to curb the rise of this unsightly vandalism by being highly effective graffiti removers. We know how to remove graffiti !

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