Surface Restoration

First impressions count for a lot so stone and brick work surfaces that are ingrained with dirt are a major turn-off for property owners, employers and the general public.

Fortunately, it can be cleaned very easily with our high pressure cleaning units, leaving the area much more pleasant to the eye.

We use restoration cleaning products that have been continuously developed to meet the demands from the industry and heritage organisations. They offer reliable and proven solutions for cleaning and restoring masonry affected by carbon, algae, oxidisation, metallic staining and general soiling.

Many prestigious buildings have benefited from restoration and new build cleaning, any building site will produce construction dirt, mortar and cement staining and this, coupled with inclement weather will necessitate a final building clean down.

Restoration and Protection of a McDonald's Roof

Using Magic Cote products, we cleaned, restored and protected a McDonald's roof, helping to preserve the roof and enable it to last longer.

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