Here are MagicCote Cleaning, we have a moto – “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”.


Whether this is windows on your business, or to the truck you send out, MagicCote can clean them all. Why not let MagicCote Cleaning work their magic on the office block, showroom or retails units so your customers get the best first impression you want to give for your business. We offer all types of cleaning requirements you will need, so why not give us a call or drop us an email.

de-ionized water window cleaning

Using purified or de-ionized water, there is no need for detergent, and so there’s no need to get up close to the window. Our window cleaners use a long pole with a brush on the end to reach up to 6 stories. The de-ionized water attacks dirt and grease on contact, and not only leaves a beautiful, streak free finish, but keeps windows cleaner for longer. The glass is not covered with ionized particles, which naturally attract dust particles in the air. The window does not get as dusty or dirty, and so the cleaning process can be done less frequently, costing you less.

We have a number of large hotels on our books, including the Royal Hotel in Hull. We get repeat business because of the high quality of our workmanship, reliability and value for money.